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J. Alan Lovejoy, DC

Platinum System

J. Alan Lovejoy, D.C., LCP, FICA, was in private practice for 24 years and served as an Associate Professor in the field of chiropractic education 14 years. He has been a coach and mentor to many over the years. His purpose statement is, “Inspiring others to live a healthier, happier and more successfully balanced life.”

J. Alan has assisted T-ball kids, high school, amateur, collegiate and professional athletes. Dr. Lovejoy was selected to work with the World Cup Fencing Tournament, National Federation of Professional Bull riders. As a former Golden Glove Boxing Coach he has had the privilege of meeting and assisting many amateur and professional boxers.

As a national speaker, J. Alan has presented Chiropractic principles and professional development education topics to various state and Chiropractic universities. He has also presented to various state and international associations and has been published in professional publications. Lovejoy is also the co-developer of the Straighten Up for Kids program which has now been translated into 20 languages. His love of Chiropractic is obvious and his great zeal for life is contagious.

Dr. Lovejoy likes to participate in shooting sports, archery and running. J. Alan is very happily married to his wife of 44 years. They enjoy spending time, with their sons, daughter-in- law and granddaughter. They attend Green Valley Baptist Church, love to travel and enjoy playing with their dog Sadie, an English Springer. The Lovejoy’s are truly a Chiropractic lifestyle family.