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Brandon Lundell, DC

Dr. Lundell has been practicing and teaching integrative health and medicine for over 15 years. His approach to patient care empowers patients to take their health back by understating the cellular, dietary and lifestyle origins of disease. He uses laboratory, physical and history findings to uncover the source of ill-health and organ system dysfunction. His practice style is truly integrative – taking the best western medicine has to offer and combining it with the most effective natural – first therapies.

He has developed a certification course for licensed healthcare practitioners called Nutritional Pathology (, providing educational tools and resources to help doctors improve the lives of even their toughest cases. Classes cover laboratory evaluations, endocrinology, autoimmune, gastroenterology, neurology, genetics/epigenetics, toxicology, environmental health and more.

Dr. Lundell has served as adjunct professor at Southern California University of Health Sciences where he developed and taught a functional medicine program for doctorate students. He also teaches for several other organizations throughout the country including the Council on Diagnosis and Internal Disorders and has published articles in peer reviewed publications and health periodicals.

He also serves as clinical science advisor to the nutraceutical industry and has developed several unique and effective formulations that have been used in thousands of practices worldwide.